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When disaster strikes

If disaster strikes will you be ready?  Planning for disasters before they occur will determine how well you recover.  There are many things to consider.   Fire, hurricane, flood, tornado, crime, etc can occur, often without warning.  Start with the biggest concerns first: safety of family, home, and business.  Consider what could happen and plan for each event as you are able.  Will you need to relocate home or business?  How will you handle communication if power is lost and/or cell phones don’t work?  What are the minimum amounts of water and food you will need?  Are your important papers kept in a safe place?  How will you move around if roads are blocked or flooded? What will you do with pets?  You can find some very helpful information online at as well as to begin the process.  Planning for recovery beats reacting to disaster any day!

Naturally, safety of family and employees comes first but after you have established that everyone is safe and sound you will then need to consider securing your property.

Household contents as well as business tools and inventory can be immediately exposed to theft as well as the elements.   It is critical to store items quickly in a safe and dry environment. Portable, ground level storage is the best solution  for this situation.  Steel storage containers can be delivered and utilized at the site, with no packing and moving inventory to other locations.

A-Aamerican Containers, new or used, are wind and water tight as well as secure.  Our custom locking features can ensure that thieves will not add to the tragedy.  Portable, ground level offices are also available.  Containers are a quick and affordable solution that can be rented or purchased and will help have your family and business up and running again in no time.

Please be aware that the container industry is on high alert for scammers! A American Container will NEVER ask for a deposit to purchase a container, we do not accept online or app payments such as Venmo, Zelle or Cashapp. We do not list our containers on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or any similar site. We do not have online chat agents. Please make sure to call us at 813-740-1911 for assistance or come by and visit us at 7001 East Adamo Drive, Tampa FL! Contact Us
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