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East Tampa has long been a community facing challenges related to access to fresh and affordable food options. So when our team became involved in providing shipping containers for conversion into food pantries, it felt like an opportunity to make a tangible difference in people’s lives. 


The collaboration with Tampa General Hospital, Feeding Tampa Bay, and community volunteers brought together a diverse group of individuals all working toward one common goal – ensuring that residents of East Tampa, an area that is the most food insecure in the city, have access to healthy food options. Food is medicine after all!   


Let’s take a look at this amazing project that our team here at A American Container was excited to play a part in!  


Tampa General Food Pharmacy container with mural


What is TampaWell? 


TampaWell is more than just a wellness initiative; it embodies innovation in action. This remarkable program originated from Tampa General Hospital’s (TGH) commitment to improving the health and well-being of not just their patients, but also the broader Tampa community.  


Numerous residents in Tampa Bay encounter roadblocks while obtaining proper nutrition resources. Mitigating these obstacles is important as ensuring nutritional access is a cornerstone of creating and nurturing vibrant communities. TampaWell’s Community Garden and Food Pantry aims to tackle these issues head-on. 


They strive to do this by: 


  • Improving community health. For our most vulnerable members, providing food security is an imperative.  


  • Providing educational and developmental opportunities. The garden is not only a source of fresh, nutritious food but also a learning space that educates residents about sensible dietary choices and sustainable farming.  


  • Instigating social change. Many residents, including adults and children struggling with obesity or chronic diseases, find the support and encouragement they need here. 


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Tampa General food pantry


Innovation in Action: How Tampa General Hospital is Improving East Tampa 


Imagine stepping into a utopian center, where a community garden is at the heart, sprouting not only fresh produce but also nurturing knowledge about farming and healthy eating habits. That’s precisely what is taking root in East Tampa!  


Health officials have previously identified the area as a food desert – an urban area where it’s hard to buy good-quality fresh food.  


This project is a refreshing oasis, promising to revitalize the community’s nutrition landscape and nourish its residents.  


The team of primary care doctors at this innovative center will proactively include physical activity in their patient treatment plans, acknowledging the significant role that exercise plays in wellness. Plus, they won’t just prescribe medicines; they will start prescribing healthy food and teaching residents how to prepare balanced meals– a testament to the belief that prevention is better than cure.  


The newly unveiled food pantry dubbed the “Food Pharmacy,” and built from modified shipping containers, will be stocked to the brim by the community garden and Feeding Tampa Bay. Designed to nourish the body and soul, this food pantry will serve not just the patients at TGH Healthpark, but also its neighboring community in East Tampa.  


We’re immensely proud to have been part of this transformative community initiative!  


Tampa General Hospital Food pantry interior and exterior


A Sneak Peak at the Food Pharmacy  


The TGH Food Pharmacy is an example of ingenuity at its finest. It’s more than just a food storage and resource center it’s been crafted and modified with the utmost thought and care. 


Built from two 40-foot High Cube shipping containers that have been modified into a larger space, it is equipped with features like refrigeration to keep produce fresh, climate control to maintain the ideal storage conditions and dry storage for non-perishable goods. Not to mention, there’s even an inclusive bathroom within the space.  


This is more than just a pantry – it’s a lifeline for the community! 



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A American Container – Your Reliable Source for On-Site Storage   


Shipping containers have proven to be versatile resources that can bring about incredible positive change in communities. From affordable housing to pop-up businesses and food pantries, the possibilities for transformation are endless.  


We are passionate about participating in and contributing to our community and believe in the power of collaboration and innovation to make a difference. If you have a project in mind that could benefit from the use of steel cargo containers, we would love to collaborate with you!  


Contact us at 813-740-1911 for a quote or more information! 



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