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Now that it’s rainy season here in Tampa Bay, it’s important to ensure that your shipping container is in great condition for the months ahead. Why is shipping container maintenance so important? Well, when you invest time and elbow grease into proper seasonal maintenance, your shipping container can last for 15-20+ years! 


Keep scrolling to learn how to properly maintain your shipping container investment to ensure that your equipment and inventory are protected all year long!  

Spring Shipping Container Maintenance Tips  


Though shipping containers are made out of tough CORTEN steel when left untreated or unmaintained, your shipping container could rust or corrode, causing holes or cracks to form over time.  


Follow these five tips from our team at A American to keep your shipping container well maintained and rust-free throughout the year! 


A well-maintained shipping container is a clean container that lasts! 


#1. Roof Repair  


Shipping container roofs are most susceptible to water damage from standing water. Walk around the inside of your shipping container with the doors closed to see if you see any sunlight shining through the roof.  


Next, if it is safe to do so, climb onto the roof and check for pooling water, rust, or dents. These should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your shipping container and the contents within.  


  • You can clean up surface rust, dirt, and debris on the roof of your container with a commercial wetting agent, bleach, or an anti-mildew solution.  
  • Rinse with a hose or pressure washer to release the rust and dirt. 


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#2. Remove or Patch Rust 


Check the sides, roof, and interior/exterior corners of your shipping container for rust. Small spots can easily be sanded down and repainted, but larger areas may need to be sandblasted and then repatched.  


Don’t ignore tiny patches of rust! Rust spreads quickly and causes corrosion.  


#3. Check the Foundation 


Whether your shipping container is on a raised foundation or a flat surface, you should check the ground regularly. Your shipping container and foundation are both susceptible to water damage, especially in rainy Florida.  


To reduce stress on your shipping container and foundation, use a bubble level to ensure that your foundation is completely even.   


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#4. Inspect the Flooring 


Though shipping container flooring is constructed from marine-grade wood, it can still be damaged by water and even simple wear and tear from equipment or inventory.  


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#5. Lubricate the Doors 


It is quite common for the doors, hinges, and locks of shipping containers to get a slight build-up of rust, dirt, and grime, especially in humid Florida.  


Clean all debris from the hinges and then spray these components with WD-40 to help ensure that they swing, open, and lock properly.  


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Maintaining Your Shipping Container  


Keep these maintenance tips in mind throughout the year:  

  • Avoid overloading the container 
  • Keep your container well maintained 
  • Check for leaks after large storms/hurricanes  
  • Don’t let water collect on the roof  
  • Use a marine-grade outer coat paint to protect your container from the elements  
  • Protect the roof with an elastomeric roof paint coating 
  • Treat all rusted or pitted areas quickly 

Stand the Test of Time with A American  


Whether you use your shipping container for a mobile office, storage space for equipment or inventory, or a workshop, maintenance is crucial. With proper seasonal maintenance, your shipping container will last for many years. They are built to withstand the elements and ocean travel, after all! 


Interested in purchasing or leasing a shipping container? Contact our storage specialists online for a FREE quote or call us at 813-740-1911 to chat with our friendly customer service team here at A American Container!  

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