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Shipping containers have revolutionized the way sports teams are playing the game. By combining the versatility of cargo containers with innovative modifications, they have become an incredibly cost-effective solution to store equipment and provide temporary or permanent spaces for athletes.  


The cost, rapid construction time, and durability make them a great choice for any sport-related facility project. Not only can they be used as storage, but shipping container modifications make it possible to create everything from bathrooms to locker rooms and beyond. 


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Revolutionizing Sports Facilities with the Power of Shipping Containers 


Sports teams have relied on shipping containers for decades to store everything from equipment to merchandise. But in recent years, these versatile units are playing an even larger role in sports facilities across the country.  


Due to their convenience and cost-effectiveness, shipping containers are becoming an integral part of how teams manage and maintain their stadiums, fields, and court spaces.  



Shipping containers make it easy to transport stored goods between different locations or events — perfect for teams who travel often or host games away from their home field. 


Additionally, they are fire resistant, making them ideal for storing flammable items such as paint or gasoline safely onsite at a sports facility. 

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Uses of Repurposed Shipping Containers 


There are several ways that sports organizations and teams can leverage the power of shipping containers, no matter how much space they have.  


Some of these uses include: 


Coaching Offices 


Steel containers are the perfect base for creating a functional mobile office for coaches to plan their strategy, make calls, and meet with their team.  


When it comes to modifications, the first step is to consider the climate control of your space. Installing HVAC systems in shipping containers can be tricky, but our modification team is ready to make it happen!  


Further, you will want to consider your electricity requirements. Of course, you’ll want lighting, but don’t forget to include enough outlets to plug in computers, TVs, a printer, or even a mini fridge full of sports drinks. You need to stay hydrated!  


P.S. Don’t forget large windows so you can keep an eye on your team!  

concession stand modification by A American Container

Concession Stands 


What would a sports event be without a bag of warm buttery popcorn or a delicious hot dog? Not as enjoyable that’s for sure!  


Shipping containers offer plenty of advantages when compared with traditional brick-and-mortar structures.  


  • Prefabricated units, like steel containers, can be transported quickly from one location to another, making them ideal for mobile vendors or concession stands that need an area at multiple sports complexes. 


  • Due to their modular nature, these structures can easily be customized with different colors and finishes to make them stand out.  


With some simple modifications, such as adding benches or countertops, shelves, or refrigeration units, sports organizations can transform the space into a comfortable environment customers will flock to during a sports event. 


Further, shipping containers allow teams to make the most of the limited space beside the sports field without sacrificing aesthetics or durability.  


Storage Solutions  


Sports teams and clubs can benefit from the use of shipping containers when it comes to their storage needs. Whether it is storing large pieces of equipment such as boats or kayaks, balls, athletic gear, or even uniforms and accessories – shipping containers provide a safe option.  


Their steel construction offers protection from the elements while security features like our DRP Locking System help keep items secure when not in use.  


Additionally, they can be easily transported so that teams can have access to their supplies wherever they go. They offer ample space for the organization of items with plenty of room to keep everything organized and neat. 


Locker Rooms  


With the invention of shipping container locker rooms, teams now have an alternative space to store their equipment and supplies.  


Since shipping containers come in multiple sizes and configurations, they are the perfect option to accommodate different needs, such as size constraints or security requirements.  


You can choose from several features such as climate control systems, custom shelving units, and adjustable racks for uniforms or helmets.  


With the right setup and design elements in place, shipping container locker rooms offer maximum functionality while remaining cost-effective. 


To create the best space possible, consider:   


  • Lockers & benches  
  • Air conditioning  
  • Lighting  
  • Durable non-slip flooring  
  • Privacy windows  
  • Electrical connections  
  • Insulation & ventilation 
  • Bathroom stalls & sinks  
  • Showers  


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A American modified container office

Shipping Containers Offer Endless Possibilities  


Steel containers are revolutionizing industries across the board. From sports concession stands to coach’s offices and locker rooms, our modification pros at A American Container can help you build the best solution for your team!  


Let’s get the ball rolling! Reach out to our friendly Tampa-based team at A American container for a quote today!  



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