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If your school is struggling with space constraints, it can be hard to accommodate a growing number of students. Your increasing student population may lead to cramped classrooms and limited space to store items for classrooms and extracurricular activities. Enter the shipping container.  


Shipping containers can be an affordable and simple way to expand, without the expense (not to mention the hassle!) of building onto your campus.  


Here are some simple ways that your school can benefit from renting shipping containers from A American Container!  




  • Shipping containers can free up space and safely store equipment 
  • Shipping containers are perfect for concession stands, mobile workspaces, classrooms, etc.  
  • Shipping containers are cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and mobile  
  • Shipping containers can be modified to fit specific storage or workspace needs.  


School Storage Solutions 


Space is a hot commodity on school campuses. When you need to store important athletic or musical equipment, you need a place that is safe from both weather and thieves.  


You can use a shipping container to store: 


  • Extra desks 
  • Textbooks 
  • Classroom supplies 
  • Band/choir equipment 
  • Athletic equipment 


Whether you rent or purchase shipping containers from our team at A American, you will get a steel container that is highly secure from weather, plus if you upgrade to our patented DRP Locking System, your items will be secure from thieves—even if they have a crowbar or lock cutter!  


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Administration Offices 


Shipping containers are the perfect template to build out fully customized school administration offices. With electrical modifications, we can create a beautiful and functional mobile office equipped with desks, shelving, outlets, HVAC, and more!  


At the college level, storage containers can be modified to provide temporary office space or lecture areas for visiting professors or guests to the school.  


Choosing repurposed shipping containers over conventional buildings allows schools to set an example for their students as climate change becomes a larger issue.  


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A American Container's Concession Stand

A American Container’s Concession Stand built for private school


Concession Stands 


What would a school athletic event be without a concession stand to grab a bag of popcorn or a hot dog? At A American Container, we can fully customize shipping containers to include prep areas and roll-up windows for all your concession stand needs!  


Plus, since they are mobile, your concession stand can be moved when the season ends or if you want to move it to a different location like the baseball or football field.  


Student Housing  


Using shipping containers for student housing is growing in popularity in the United States due to an increase in enrollment in colleges, especially in urban settings. To overcome these space limitations, some colleges and schools are using modified shipping containers for student housing and dormitories.  


Since using shipping containers for school housing is an emerging trend, we are excited to see how shipping container dorms and student housing make an impact!  

Get an A+ with A American  


If you need an affordable and eco-friendly solution for storage or classroom space at your school or college, shipping containers are the answer! We have ample shipping containers on hand here at A American Container waiting to be transformed into something great.  


How can we help you think outside the box?® Call our friendly sales team at A American Container to find out today; 813-740-1911! 

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