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Sturdy, metal shipping containers: you’ve seen them before. They’re generally used for carrying cargo on ships or trucks, but what if we told you that they can also be repurposed into the perfect backyard getaway? 


That’s right, shipping containers can be modified into cozy sheds that make the perfect place to relax, work on your latest hobby or just enjoy some peace and quiet. And because they’re made out of metal, they’re extremely durable and low maintenance. 


If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to add an extra room to your property, consider a shipping container she-shed. Our team at A American Container explains how we could modify our shipping containers into the she-shed (or man cave) of your dreams!  

Cargo Container Converted into a She-Shed 


A “she-shed” is a type of outbuilding that is typically used as a workspace or hobby space. They are usually smaller than a traditional garage, and often have more windows and lighter construction. 


Shipping containers can be easily converted into she-sheds with a few simple modifications like adding insulation to keep out the heat or cold, HVAC, and electrical. We can even add shelving and desk space depending on how you plan to use your converted cargo container.  


Once our professionals modify your unit, you can use the shipping container for activities including: 

  • Home Office: If you work from home or have a hobby turned side hustle, you’ll get more done when you combine a productive, mobile office with a short commute to your backyard. Trust us, repurposed shipping containers make for great workspaces 
  • Reading Room: A tranquil room full of flora and fauna can set the tone for a relaxing day.
  • DIY/Art/Craft Room: From painting and scrapbooking to stained glass or pottery, a shipping container she-shed can transform into a functional art studio.
  • Photography Studio: Put up a few backdrops for portraits and product photos, or use your container for your very own darkroom studio! 
  • Music Studio:  For a space that doubles as a music studio and a private sanctuary where you can enjoy your most treasured songs, look no further than an enclosed shipping container.

Why Shipping Containers?  


More and more people are using shipping containers to create unique spaces on their properties. Whether you’re looking for an art studio, a shed, or a man cave, a shipping container can be the solution you didn’t know you were looking for. 


Shipping containers are made of strong steel that can withstand the elements, so they’re perfect for use as a hobby space or personal studio. They’re also relatively inexpensive to buy and modify, as compared to building another structure on your property. Choosing an A  American Container could be the best option for your budget. 


Pros of Using Shipping Containers for She-Sheds 


Still not sure that a shipping container is right for your she-shed project? Here are some of the pros of a modified shipping container!  


They are Portable 


Most sheds are technically portable since they aren’t permanently mounted to a foundation. But will they survive a move after being out in the elements for months or years? Probably not.  


Shipping containers are made from heavy-duty CORTEN steel and can be moved on ships around the world across the sea, all while keeping the contents safe and secure. This makes a shipping container the ideal base to build a mobile office, she-shed, or workspace on.  


Keep in mind every town will have different regulations on what you can and can’t do so make sure to check your local permitting codes before choosing to install a shipping container on your property.  


They are Durable


Most outdoor storage buildings are not built to last for decades or more. With minimal maintenance, your container space will easily endure the elements and weather, giving you a place to enjoy for years to come.  


They are Reconfigurable 


A shipping container is a perfect base to use as the starting point for the ultimate she-shed space. Even immediately after delivery, you can use your space! 


If you want to completely change the interior and exterior of your shipping container you can easily do that. With A American, practically anything is possible. We can include:  


  • Interior and exterior paint 
  • Windows and sliding doors 
  • Unique flooring  
  • Shelving solutions 
  • And more!  


Feel free to build away and switch things up over time and still have the peace of mind that your container is holding up with whatever Mother Nature may throw at it.  

The Ultimate She-Shed from a Storage Container 


Shipping container she-sheds are incredibly versatile spaces that will allow you to pursue your interests in a safe and cozy space. Whether you want to add shelving to your modified container or HVAC to keep you cool in our Florida heat, our modification team can make it happen!  


How Can We Help You Think Outside the Box ®? Call our friendly team at A American Container today for a modification consultation; 813-740-1911! 

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