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Shipping containers have become increasingly popular in recent years as a result of their versatility and cost-effectiveness. They are now being used for a wide range of applications, including the construction of modular server rooms.  


These modular server rooms provide an ideal solution for businesses looking to save time and money when constructing data centers. 


Our team at A American explains.  


Key Takeaways: 


  • Steel containers offer the perfect base for customization.  
  • Server rooms house sensitive materials like servers, computers, networking hardware, and more.  
  • Temperature is crucial in a server room; consider spray foam insulation, climate control, and ventilation solutions.  
  • Our modification team is ready to help you think outside the box!  

Man plugging in wires in server room

What is a Server Room, Anyway?  


A server room is an integral part of many businesses’ IT infrastructure. It’s where a company stores its servers, which are responsible for organizing and maintaining important business data. 


Server rooms come in all shapes and sizes—from small office-based closets (or shipping containers) to large dedicated spaces—and are designed to protect the servers from physical damage due to humidity, dust, and other environmental factors while providing security against unauthorized access. 


These rooms can be used for a variety of applications:  


  • They can house computer equipment at a rocket test or launch site. 
  • Provide additional server space next to a construction, lawyer’s, or medical office.  
  • Offer power supply redundancy with backup systems in case of system failure.  


Designing a Shipping Container Server Room 


By utilizing shipping containers as server rooms, businesses can save money on expensive build-outs and take advantage of a more efficient space. These unique server rooms provide an easy way to store large amounts of technology in a secure, climate-controlled environment. 


By investing in a container-based server room solution now, businesses can enjoy the benefits of increased efficiency and security in the future.  


Follow these tips when designing a shipping container: 

Container interior with yellow spray insulation

Including Insulation and Climate Control 


Because server equipment can generate heat, shipping container medications such as insulation are necessary. 

  • Many organizations opt for fire-resistant plywood that allows them to hang racks and better utilize wall space. Our Atlas Shelving System could be the perfect way to organize and store computer and server equipment.  


  • Spray foam insulation can be added to the interior walls of the container, managing the heat that radiates from the equipment while keeping the entire container cool and comfortable.  


  • Climate control systems are a must for server rooms. At A American Container, we offer commercial HVAC systems that range from 1-5 tons that would be ideal for any server room application. 


  • It’s important to ensure adequate ventilation to prevent overheating and maintain optimal hardware performance. 

A American Container's DRP Locking System

Consider Security Measures


Due to the materials that they are made from, shipping containers are naturally great at keeping internal contents safe from the elements, but for further security, we recommend adding a locking system, like our patented DRP Locking System. And don’t forget a security light! This container houses sensitive information after all!  

Shipping container electrical panel

Connect to Electricity 


Of course, electricity is a must when using a steel container as a server room.  


At A American Container, we offer electrical systems that can be tailored to meet each business’s individual needs, giving them the power necessary for their hardware.  


Our modification team will ensure that the equipment in your server room can easily connect to external networks.  

A American Container with door and window

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Secure Server Rooms  


Due to their flexibility and scalability, steel shipping containers provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to many businesses’ server room needs.  


As the demand for data storage rapidly increases, these modular units will become even more relevant in the future. We’re excited to help design the perfect solution for your company! 


Ready to get started designing a modular server room? Contact our friendly team at A American Container for a quote today; 813-740-1911.  

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