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Shipping containers are no longer just for shipping; they’ve become a chic, sustainable alternative to traditional office spaces.  


Here at American Container, our team takes unassuming steel shipping containers and transforms them into fully functional, aesthetically pleasing mobile office spaces. So, whether you’re in construction, retail, or any other industry, these innovative offices could be just what you’re looking for!  

Let’s explore our office space modifications and some of our favorite completed projects!  

20-foot office modification

This 20-foot container office has a personnel door and multiple windows with security bars. Perfect for a construction job site!  

Office Space Modifications  


With the magic of modifications, our team transforms standard 20 or 40-foot steel cargo containers into stylish, functional offices that are perfect for construction sites, business settings, and beyond! 

The transformation process involves a range of modifications. Think of it as an extensive, industrial-grade makeover for the containers. From installing windows and doors for easy access and natural light to putting in insulation for better thermal control – nothing is off the table. 




What would an office space be without windows or natural light? It’s crucial to create a work-friendly environment that encourages productivity, and windows are an effective part of this equation. We make use of top-quality windows and frames, designed to endure the lifespan of the container.  

Each window is framed within 2” x 4” sturdy steel tubing, the size of which can be adjusted to suit the overall design. For additional security, consider bolstering the setup with optional safety bars.   

Our standard window size is 35” x 35”, but we also cater to custom orders for sizes tailored to your needs. The steel framework is fully welded and our windows come with the option to be fully finished with interior build-out.  




In your mobile office, you will need electrical installations to power your HVAC, lighting, electronics, and more. Whether you have complex requirements or you’re after a simple setup, we have an electrical package that’s sure to suit your needs. 




Lighting plays a crucial role in turning a humble cargo container into a vibrant office space. Appropriate lighting doesn’t just facilitate functionality, it also sets the mood and tone of the space. 

  • Consider incorporating a mix of general, task, and accent lighting to provide an optimal lighting environment.  
  • LED lights are a popular choice because they are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and offer great flexibility when designing your lighting plan. 


Climate Control 


To maintain a comfortable and productive working environment, it’s important to install a reliable HVAC system that can manage temperature and humidity. Depending on your location and the specific needs of your workspace, you may need to consider heating options for the colder months and cooling solutions for warmer periods. 

Additionally, proper insulation will ensure energy efficiency and help maintain your preferred indoor climate year-round. 

40-foot container tour from our pal, Scout

Scout shows off a container office modification with interior finishing, overhead LED lighting, and an HVAC unit.  

Ideas for Further Modifications 


While we can take care of all of the modifications above, you may want to transform your container office even further.  


Consider these ideas:  

  • Eco-Friendly Additions: Consider green roofing, incorporating plant life on the roof of the container, which can provide natural insulation and an appealing aesthetic. Solar panels are another great addition, capitalizing on renewable energy to power your office.  


  • Partitions: Many companies incorporate movable walls or partitions to create flexible workspaces that can adapt to different needs and functionalities.  


  • Multiple Rooms: Depending on the size of your container, you could add additional meeting rooms, relaxation areas, or even private spaces for focused work.  


  • Outdoor Accessories: Collaborative outdoor spaces like decks, patios, or gardens offer a respite from office work when needed and can give a campus-like feel to the container office setup. Pair it with some food and drink amenities, and you’ve got yourself an office everyone would love!  


The design options are endless, only limited by the boundaries of your creativity. With our expert team at A American Container as your guide, you can design a productive workspace for you and your crew! 


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inside 20-foot container with door, HVAC, and more

A completed 20-foot container office with a personnel door, indoor finishing, electrical panel, HVAC unit, windows, and overhead lighting.

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Designing the ultimate 20-foot or 40-foot container office space is an exciting opportunity for businesses looking for a versatile and cost-effective solution. With the expert modifications offered by our team at A American Container, you can create a functional and stylish workspace that meets all your needs.  


From windows and HVAC to electricity and insulation, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that maximize the potential of steel cargo containers.  


Let’s get started on your project! Contact A American Container today at 813-740-1911 to start planning your cargo container office space! 

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