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While shipping containers are built out of heavy steel and strong enough to withstand the harsh ocean environment, they need regular maintenance to keep them in top condition—especially because they are continuously exposed to the elements.  


Our shipping container experts at A American Container discuss how to maintain your shipping container to ensure a long life for your investment. 

Keeping Your Shipping Container in Good Condition 


Take these steps to keep your shipping container in tip-top shape! 


Inspect and Repair the Roof  

The most important part of shipping container maintenance is to inspect the roof of your container. Used shipping containers often have dents from having other containers stacked on top of them on a ship. These dents can collect rainwater which in turn can cause corrosion and even holes if left too long.  


Ensure that all dents are repaired and that the roof of your shipping container is treated with rust-proof paint to help prevent corrosion.  


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Inspect and Treat Rusted Areas  


While shipping containers are constructed from Cor-Ten steel, they can still rust—though Cor-Ten is corrosion-resistant. Steel is sensitive to salt air environments and must be treated with rust-proof paint to ensure that it does not rust.  

Any areas that have been dented, scratched, or cut must be sealed and painted to ensure a long life for the container.  


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Examine, Lubricate, and Repair Doors  


The construction of shipping containers is relatively simple, as they only have a couple of moving parts in the door assemblies. But as with anything with moving parts, they are subject to damage and wear over time.  

The most important things to consider when maintaining your shipping container’s doors—the first is to clean them, and the second step is to lubricate them.  

Using a commercial-grade cleaner, remove dirt, grit, and rust from the door hinges and locking bars. Then, lubricate the door hinges and locking bars with a lubricating spray such as WD-40 to ensure that they are in good working order.  


Shipping containers are designed to be completely sealed and utilize rubber gasket seals on the doors. Generally, these gaskets have a lifespan of around 10 years before they lose their ability to seal effectively. Keep these seals clean and replace them when they appear cracked or worn out.  

Check Container Modifications 


Shipping containers are designed to mitigate corrosion, water, and dirt, but things can get a little trickier after you cut them or modify them 

Check the modified areas of your shipping container, especially around the joins or where windows or doors have been modified in. Look for any depressions that can collect dirt, debris, or water and clean them thoroughly. Remove any rust and treat the area with anti-rust paint.  

From electricity to insulation and custom paint and windows, A American Container offers many modifications to make your shipping container uniquely yours. Contact us today for a quote!  


Ensure the Container is on a Level Surface  


One crucial aspect to ensuring a long life for your shipping container is to install it on a level, well-drained surface. This will stop water from collecting in one area of the container and will help prevent corrosion on its underside.  


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Maintaining Your Cargo Container

  • Keep your unit well maintained and in proper condition. 
  • Avoid overloading containers.  
  • Do not let standing water sit on the roof. 
  • Use a marine-grade outer coat paint (all of our units are painted gray to blend with the background, but we can customize any color to suit your business). 
  • Protect the roof with an elastomeric roof coating. 
  • Treat all rusted areas quickly.  



Reliable Steel Shipping Containers  


At A American Container, we know that storage container usage and requirements vary greatly depending on their intended use. Our expert team can modify and customize your cargo storage container to meet your specific needs. We’ll also help you select the right grade of container for your needs and budget.  


Whatever you have in mind for your container, we can help make it a reality. Let A American Container help you think outside the box! Call today—813-740-1911! 


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