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Are you considering a change in your job site office set-up? A mobile ground-level office (GLO) from a converted shipping container could be your team’s next workspace!  


We get it, you need to make the job site as productive as you can. That’s why many businesses are exploring innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of their team. From reducing overall costs to providing a versatile working environment, mobile container offices can offer several benefits.  


But are they the right choice for you? Here at A American Container, we’ve gathered some tips to help you determine if a mobile office is the right fit for your business, whether you’re in construction or a different industry.  


20-foot office modification

What is a Mobile Office? 

A mobile container office or “Ground Level Office (GLO)” is a purpose-built office designed within a previously used shipping container. These containers are renowned for their sturdiness and durability, having been initially crafted to withstand long sea journeys and harsh weather conditions.  


They are perfect for businesses that need a temporary and cost-effective workspace solution, for example, during a relocation process or for on-site setups in industries like construction.  



They are essentially plug-and-play offices, fully equipped with the needed utilities such as electricity, heating, and internet access.  



  • Modularity: One of the most significant advantages of a mobile office is its modularity. You can easily expand or reduce your office space according to your needs. 


  • Eco-friendly: By opting for a container office, you are essentially recycling a used cargo container, making this a green solution. 


  • Cost-effective: Stressed by expensive lease agreements? A modified container office can be an affordable alternative. 



Are you curious if this alternative office solution is right for your business? Stay with us, and we’ll guide you through making this decision. 


interior of container office A American Container


Is a Mobile Office Right for My Business? 


Not all business models will benefit from a GLO setup, so it’s essential to consider your specific needs and circumstances. A few things to think about include:  


#1. Evaluate Your Space Needs 

The first step is to think about your space requirements. We offer 10-foot cube, 20-foot, or 40-foot container office modifications which can suit businesses from small to large depending on their needs.  


#2. Analyze Your Inventory or Equipment 

Are you planning to store items in your container, as well as work in it as an office? Seasonal supplies, excess inventory, and small commercial equipment are some examples of items that businesses store.  

The type and quantity of items you want to store will determine the size and modification requirements of your office.  


#3. Portability Needs 

One of the strengths of cargo container offices is their inherent mobility. If your business involves frequent relocation, utilizing a mobile option makes it possible to easily move your workspace and storage to new locations. Conversely, if your operations are firmly rooted in one place, you might not require this level of portability.  

Note: A shipping container office can still be a great option in a more permanent situation, as they can be installed on permanent foundations. 


#4. Security Considerations 

Cargo container offices come with robust security features and can be modified to include heartier locking systems like our DRP Locking System. If your business has high-value items, sensitive documents, or expensive equipment, this enhanced security could be a major advantage. 


side view of container office

What Size Mobile Office Do You Need? 

Okay, you’ve decided a mobile container office is the best choice. Now, the dimensions could range anywhere from a compact 10′ unit, a modestly sizable 20-foot unit, to an expansive 40-foot unit. 


  • 10’ Units: A small 10’ unit can be an efficient and practical solution for small businesses or startups. They are quite small but can be used at construction sites where space is at a minimum, at events, and more. 
  • 20’ Units: A 20-foot cargo container can be great for small or large businesses alike, depending on how many people will be working inside the container office. 
  • 40’ Units: For substantial storage and office space demands, a 40-foot office and storage combo shipping container provides a spacious workspace and ample storage. This suits larger businesses with heavy-duty inventory or equipment needing extensive space to carry out operations efficiently.  


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mobile office solutions from A American Container

A American Container – Your Reliable Source for On-Site Storage  

Determining if a GLO is the right solution for your business requires careful consideration of your unique needs and circumstances. Our team at A American Container can help guide you through this process with expert cargo container modifications tailored to meet your unique business needs.  


Our expertise in modifications allows us to customize mobile offices to suit your specific requirements, ensuring functionality and comfort on the go. By partnering with us, you can benefit from our experience and innovative solutions to create a mobile ground-level office that enhances efficiency and productivity for your business.  

Contact us today for a container office modification quote at 813-640-1911 or 813-945-9521! 

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