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The world of agriculture is evolving, and modern farmers are turning to innovative solutions for their farming needs. Enter the modified shipping container.  


By converting shipping containers into modified growing spaces, storage spaces, and even offices, modern farmers can maximize their productivity and reduce their overall environmental footprint.  


Discover the benefits of using any size cargo container for farming operations from our shipping container experts at A American Container! 

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Uses of Modified Containers for Farming  


Not only do converted shipping containers have a smaller environmental footprint than many other agricultural solutions but they can also be used as mobile farms that can be easily transported from one location to another. This mobility makes steel containers ideal for anyone trying to produce food sustainably on a smaller scale.  


There are numerous uses for modified containers for farming operations including:  


Agricultural Storage   


Since they are moisture and pest-resistant, steel cargo containers can prolong the shelf-life of harvested produce. Plus, if climate control solutions are installed, they are ideal for storing heat-sensitive crops.  


When our Atlas Shelving System is installed farmers can easily organize and store animal feed, fertilizers, and seeds without exposing them to moisture, light, or other undesirable factors like high temperatures.   


Grain Storage 


Due to their tight steel construction, shipping containers are an excellent solution for storing grain. Mice and other pests won’t stand a chance when farmers store their harvest in a container!  


Hydroponic Farming Applications 


Further, to combat the depletion of Earth’s resources, many farmers are turning to soilless hydroponic vertical farming inside modified shipping containers. This efficient farming method enables producers to grow a massive amount of food in a fraction of the time and space compared to traditional farms.  


Animal Husbandry  


Shipping containers have also become the ideal solution for animal husbandry. These strong steel boxes can be converted to suit the specific light and temperature needs of different animals like chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, and more.  

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The Benefits of Using Shipping Containers to Grow Food  


Using modified shipping containers for farming is revolutionizing the agricultural industry. You can store your tools in the container and grow vegetables, berries, mushrooms, and more in this artificial environment.  


There are a ton of benefits to using shipping containers for agriculture applications: 


  • The ability to grow most plants even in urban environments. 
  • You can save big on water and nutrients that are used in traditional farming. 
  • The inside environment is protected from weather and other factors allowing farmers to secure the best harvest. 
  • Some farmers have converted their containers to run solely on solar power. 

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Other Uses of Agricultural Storage Containers  


Not only can farmers use a steel shipping container to grow food and raise animals, but they can also use them for the following:  


Machinery Storage 


Shipping containers are the perfect secure place to store tools and small agricultural machinery. Steel containers are waterproof so farmers can rest assured that their expensive equipment is safe and sound no matter the weather conditions outside.  


Mobile Operations Office  


Modified shipping containers can become a comfortable and functional office for farm employees and managers to get work done. With electricity, HVAC solutions, and lighting, a shipping container can become the perfect place for phone calls and meetings.  


Employee Breakrooms  


Steel containers can easily be modified into breakrooms with multiple sections, including a bathroom, kitchen, and seating area. Farming is hard work, so it is crucial to ensure that your team has a clean climate-controlled space to take a break, eat lunch, and use the bathroom. Trust us, no one wants to have to use a porta-potty! 

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Modified Containers to Help You Grow  


Modified shipping containers are revolutionizing the way that farmers do their day-to-day operations. Using converted shipping containers for farming is a viable option for growers and farmers of all sizes; allowing them to maximize space, reduce environmental impact, and increase efficiency! 


Thinking that a repurposed shipping container could benefit your agricultural operation? Call our friendly team at A American for more information or to get a quote today at 813-740-1911 

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