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Rust and shipping containers do NOT mix. Keep rust at bay with these top maintenance tips!  


When it comes to shipping containers, rust can be a major issue. Poor container maintenance can lead to significant damage and costs for companies that use modified containers for mobile offices or storage solutions.  


Rust can quickly take its toll on a container if not well-maintained, which is why it is important to take preventative measures to combat rust before it becomes an issue.  


Follow this maintenance guide from our team at A American Container to keep your steel container in tip-top shape!  

Red A American 40-foot container on lift

The Problem with Rust  


Though CORTEN steel is strong, when exposed to moisture, corrosion can slowly eat away at it, creating holes that will only get better over time. Not only does this look bad, but it can shorten the overall lifespan of your container.  


Though these containers are made of heavy-duty steel and traverse windy and salty seas, rust can still form from condensation, humidity, or standing water.  


However, you do not need to fall prey to rust. The key to preventing corrosion is proper preventative maintenance 


Shipping Container Maintenance  


Follow these tips to keep your steel container in optimal shape! 


#1. Keep Things Dry   


If you do nothing else, make sure to keep moisture and standing water away from your container. And remember, long-term exposure to water—whether from the sky above or the ground below—can spur the spread of rust.  


#2. Elevate the Container Off the Ground  


Though they aren’t always required, a foundation can be beneficial to keep the bottom of your container protected and dry from soft or wet ground.  


Container foundations can come in many forms, such as concrete slabs or railroad ties, but the overall point is to encourage the flow of air underneath the unit so it doesn’t come in contact with moisture or standing water.  

shipping container being painted A American's signature gray

#3. Have the Container Painted  


Any areas of the container that have been dented, scratched, or cut must be sealed and painted to prevent corrosion and rust, especially in Florida’s humid environment.  


At A American Container, we use environmentally friendly paint that is guaranteed to last for years to come. And we use a four-step painting process that includes: 


  • Pressure washing every surface to remove grime and surface rust. 
  • Rusted areas are spot primed with a rust inhibitor. 
  • A marine-grade primer is applied to ensure that the outer coat adheres properly to the container. 
  • A marine-grade outer coat is applied in the color of your choice; our standard color is light gray.  


Container Roof Coat 


Painting an elastomeric roof coating on your container’s roof will also help extend the life of your container and prevent rust. 


White elastomeric roof coatings last  

several years and reflect the sun’s rays.   


Plus, the white roof coating helps keep the inside of the container cooler and protects the metal roof from Florida’s harsh weather.  


#4. Remove Standing Water  


By far one of the easiest ways to maintain your steel container is to immediately remove any standing water that has accumulated. Otherwise, it could lead to rust, thinning metal, or an intrusion of moisture.  


#5. Remove Surface Rust  


Surface rust is rust that has not yet had the chance to reach the internal layer of the steel. Thus, it can still be removed.  


If the rust is minimal, use a wire brush to scrape it off, then wipe the particles away with a slightly damp cloth. Once this step is completed, treat the area with a rust inhibitor and promptly paint it.  


If you don’t, surface rust will come back and can cause holes if left too long.  


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gray 20-foot A American container on lift

Say Goodbye to Container Rust  


 Relying on regular, scheduled maintenance is crucial in maintaining a container’s longevity and preventing rust. This includes frequent inspections and repairs, proper cleaning techniques, and using protective coatings to reduce corrosion.  


When you purchase or rent a shipping container from A American Container, our team will properly patch any holes, dings, or dents and paint the container in our signature light gray to prevent rust.  


Interested in a shipping container for your business? Contact A American, your reliable source for secure onsite storage in Tampa Bay and beyond!  


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