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Container Housing and the Construction Industry

In recent years, the construction industry has found yet another creative use for cargo containers which presents itself in the form of container housing.With the ever rising cost of construction materials and labor, many firms have found containers quite useful and cost effective for modern day building applications. In fact, they have become the new building blocks of the construction industry. Today, a variety of structures can be found utilizing containers as habitable spaces. Office buildings, homes, malls, and dormitories are just a few examples but the list will continue to grow with the ideas created by the human imagination.

The cost effectiveness of containers as they relate to construction speaks for itself. For example, today’s average construction cost per square foot is roughly $100. For a structure 8’ wide x 40’ long (320 square feet) the cost is $32,000.Similarly, an 8’ wide x 40’ long container (320 square feet) with an average cost of $3150 is roughly $50.00 per square foot, 1/2 of the construction industry standard. The foundation work and interior finishes still need to be addressed but the major structural shell is already there in its entirety. In addition, all local zoning ordinances and building codes including permitting must be adhered to.

As the need for housing and urban development becomes more and more demanding on the global forefront, it is imperative that we continue to seek affordable solutions such as containers to accommodate the future needs of all people. Going further by now it’s quite possible that most of the readers of this article have become so addicted https://order-essay-online.net/ to transforming their favorite photos into works of music that they have not made it this far

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