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Can Ventilation be Installed in my Storage Container?

A AAmerican Container & Trailer Leasing Inc is your one stop source for all your needs. Mobile, on-site containers are steel built and combine a natural theft deterrent barrier with the ability to handle weather extremes.

Compared to other materials, (wood, brick, etc.) steel transfers heat efficiently which requires the need for steel containers with proper ventilation systems. Depending on the type of cargo or commodity, mobile, on-site containers can be customized to meet the specific ventilation requirements for commodities, machinery parts and equipment, paper records, personal belongings, collectibles, antiques, and much more.

In addition, environmental factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing the appropriate ventilated container. When you’re storing temperature and weather sensitive items that can degrade in quality over time, it is essential that a thorough, in-depth ventilation analysis be performed. For example, will the container be placed in an area of high heat, humidity, or rainfall? Is it within close proximity to the ocean (salt)? Is there a pest or insect issue that needs to be to be considered for prevention and control? The end result should be a properly equipped ventilated container with the same ventilation capabilities as a site built house or building.

As a leader in the industry, A AAmerican Container & Trailer Leasing Inc has the experience and expertise for all your ventilated container applications. A AAmerican Container & Trailers Leasing Inc has created and customized hundreds of containers with optimum vent placement and air circulation properties. Horizontal air flow, vertical air flow, floor venting, exhaust vents from the roof and mounting flanges for electrical exhaust fans are some of the ventilation considerations and modifications that we’ve performed.

12 Inch Square Venting

Depending on air flow requirements, we can install 12 inch by 12 inch vents at any position on the container. For enhanced cooling and humidity control, we offer 10 foot venting strips that are placed on opposite ends of each side of our 20 foot containers as well as 24 inch by 24 inch door vents. As you can see, a properly ventilated on-site, mobile storage container has many elements to consider but the cost savings can be dramatic.

Whatever your specific air flow and ventilation needs may be, A AAmerican Container & Trailer Leasing Inc has the ventilation container solution for you. From concept to completion, we do it all. The value, safety and preservation of your storage contents deserve the very best. Call A AAmerican Container & Trailer Leasing, Inc today.

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